The harvest in Iran is ready and the workers are waiting.

2,600 students are waiting for training through the 4:12 Leadership Training school.

documented salvations since 2001

What We Do

Iran Alive is a church-planting ministry that uses modern technology to share the gospel, train believers, and fuel a discipleship-making movement.

Broadcasting THE Gospel 24/7 across the Middle East

We broadcast life-giving, gospel-centric messages around the clock to some of the darkest regions of the world, spreading the love of Christ to oppressed Islamic-run Iran.

Church Planting & Providing Chruch Service to 2 million+ Iranians

Where it is illegal to gather for a Christian church service, We provide weekly church services, fellowship, and discipleship for the underground Church in Iran.

Training Christian Leaders in Iran

At the 4:12 Discipleship Training School, we offer more than just theology or Bible studies courses. We provide opportunities for practical ministry while training believers for the work of ministry, and support God’s spiritual awakening movement in Iran.

Watch the invitation to become a part of what God is doing in Iran and beyond!

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In his book, Dr. Shariat brings to life his remarkable journey out of Islam into freedom in Christ and outlines strategies to reach the Middle East with the Gospel.

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