A Family’s Healing Creates a Longing for Scripture

A Family’s Healing Creates a Longing for Scripture

Susan’s family had suffered enormously. Her husband, a truck driver, spent time in jail after accidentally killing someone in a wreck. After his release, he became lost in drug addiction, depression, and darkness. Their daughter experienced depression, sought medical help, and became addicted to prescription drugs. She attempted suicide several times.

The stress and financial pressure from the family’s issues left Susan sick much of the time, and she lost one of her kidneys. A doctor told Susan she also was on the verge of going blind.

Every day and night, Susan desperately cried out to God for help. While flipping through television channels one day, she came across an Iran Alive broadcast with Dr. Hormoz Shariat. Susan wrote:

“I just sat there and watched him talk about God’s love and goodness. I was very touched. At the end of the program, I prayed with him, and I felt a sense of peace pouring over me. I kept watching your programs day after day. I also asked my husband to join me. After a few days, my husband also prayed with Pastor Hormoz. Then our daughter joined us and prayed the prayer of salvation.”

Susan then described how because her family did not own a Bible, they wrote down verses as they were read on our broadcasts. Gradually, they were compiling their own handwritten Bible. Their favorite verse is from Psalm 23:

“The Lord is my shepherd, I will not be in need” (NASB).

“The Lord has healed each member of my family,” Susan concluded. Her husband is drug-free, and their daughter is no longer addicted to pills. Susan’s vision is improving, and doctors say she is no longer at risk of losing her eyesight.