God is moving in Iran and we are honored to be a part of it.

Our Mission:

Iran Alive Ministries exists to transform Iran into a Christian nation, one soul at a time.


  • Iran’s population is about 84 million people.
  • Only 2 million are recognized as Christians.
  • Iran is one of the most persecuted churches in the world due to severe governmental restrictions for practicing Christianity in Iran.
  • No church gatherings are permitted in Iran.
  • Bibles are prohibited and difficult to find in Iran.
  • Hopelessness and despair have caused the suicide rate and drug addictions to skyrocket.


  • Evangelism: Satellite TV allows for 24/7 broadcasts of Gospel messages, biblical teachings, and Christian content across Iran and other Farsi-speaking regions like Tajikistan, Afghanistan, Turkmenistan and Uzbekistan.
  • Discipleship: The 4:12 Discipleship School provides teaching, training, and mobilizes new Iranian believers for the work of ministry.
  • Community: Iran Alive connects new believers
  • to underground house churches and online churches in Iran.
  • Bible Distribution: Bibles are smuggled in and distributed to believers through the underground church network.

After 35 years of Islamic rule, the majority of Iranian Muslims have concluded that “Islam is not the answer, but the problem.”

How We Do Ministry in Iran:

Satellite TV with 6 Million Daily Viewers

Global Weekly church services

4:12 Discipleship school

underground house & online churches

ministry of art and talents

global prayer team

social media ministry

farsi-speaking team of counselors

call center

Get a Sneak Peek Inside of Our Studio:

How You Can Minister in Iran With Us:

  • Pray with us for Iranians to receive & follow Christ.
  • Support us financially to sustain our 24/7 evangelistic and discipleship-centered broadcasts.
  • Sponsor a student at 4:12 Training School to be discipled and equipped for for the expansion of the Kingdom.
  • Apply to become a TV Partner and broadcast your own teaching programs in the Middle East.
  • Share about what God is doing in Iran with your church or social media networks.