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Iran Alive Ministries provides Iranians and Farsi-speaking people with 24/7 satellite television all year long.

Your monthly support goes a long way in fulfilling the mission of transforming Iran into a Christian Nation in this generation.

Your generosity directly supports the movement of the Gospel in Iran.

It costs $7 a minute to produce 24/7 satellite television in Iran. Every minute counts.

Dr. Hormoz Shariat

“We invite churches, organizations, and individuals to join us in taking advantage of this historic opportunity to build God’s church in Iran.

The time is short and this window of opportunity is about to close. We must act fast and decisively. We must remember that whatever happens in Iran—good or bad—will impact the whole Middle East.”

— Dr. Hormoz Shariat

How your monthly generosity does so much:

24/7 Satellite Television with 6 million Daily Viewers

Leadership & Discipleship Education at the 4:12 Training School

Call Center Bringing Hope to the Oppressed

Bible Smuggling Efforts

Discipleship Tools & Technology

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