Empower the Legacy of Next-Gen Iranians

Join us in creating a lasting impact on the lives of young Iranians by leaving a legacy of Christianity in Iran.

Your Gift Will:

Going into 2024, in addition to our 24/7 Christian programming, we will be:

  • Reaching the Next Gen by producing evangelistic youth-relevant content
  • Equipping the Next Gen by creating youth-friendly audio-visual and written resources
  • Training the Next Gen Leaders by establishing small groups, 1:1 mentorship, and in-person conferences

Our goal for 2024 is to raise $450,000 to continue our 24/7 Christian programming into Iran and $250,000 for the Next Gen Initiative.

The Future of Iran: For Better or For Worse

The next generation of Iranians has the power to change the story of Iran.

Iran remains one of the world’s regions facing significant challenges and uncertainties. With a population of 88 million, the nation’s prospects often seem morally bleak, distancing itself from the hope offered through faith in Jesus.

The next generation of Iranians holds immense potential to shape the future of Iran, for the good or for the worse.

We believe that young Iranians have been intentionally designed by God for “such a time as this.”

Inspire young Iranian Christians to live a life dedicated to the Word of God.

Jesus changes everything.

Through all of the opposition and persecution, the church continues to grow in Iran at a rapid pace.

Many of the newest members of the church are young Millennials and Gen Z, looking for ways to advance their country and their newfound faith that may differ much from the people who raised them. They are finding hope and a future that didn’t seem possible before.

Jesus is changing everything for them. The time is now.

By getting these young Iranian Christians what they need to advance the movement of the Gospel in Iran, they can accelerate this movement through their families, friends, communities, local government, and beyond, becoming missionaries right where they are.

Jesus can change everything for Iran through the next generation. They need your support.

A Word on Reaching the Next Generation of Christians in Iran from Dr. Hormoz Shariat

Stories from Next-Gen Leaders in Iran

“When I was 10, my sister shared about Christ. A still, small voice told me that Christ is my Lord and Savior. Now, 15 years later I’m blessed to be able to serve at IAM’s youth ministry and share Christ’s love with my peers.”


“If it were not for the commitment of my Christian friends, I wouldn’t be serving thousands of new believers at 4:12 Training School today.”


Your Investment Impacts Eternity

$105 provides 15 minutes of television to an estimated 61,500 viewers
$420 gives 1 hour of Shabakeh 7 to an estimated 246,000 viewers
$5,040 gets 12 hours of television into the homes of 3 million viewers
$10,080 runs our television station for 24 hours and impacts 6 million viewers