Help us reach Iran
and the Middle East
for Christ

Your Gift Will:

  • Provide 24/7 Christian television programming to 6 Million+ Farsi speakers in Iran and the Middle East
  • Fund a call center open for Iranian Muslims to receive prayer and compassion
  • Support the 4:12 Training School, training hundreds of ministry leaders in Iran
  • Allow us to continue sharing the Gospel and the love of Christ with Iranians

89 Million People are Captive to Islam in Iran

But this is changing at a rapid pace.

Many former Muslims are turning from the
Islam-ran government and looking for a change.

Fulfilling the prophecies throughout the Old Testament, we see God move in Iran and the Middle East.

Within the country of Iran, through television, in basements, hidden and underground, the church
is growing.

The Gospel Changes Everything

There is an incredible amount of oppression for a Christian in Iran. The government persecutes them, takes away their jobs, and imprisons them. Families turn their backs, abandoning them. Psychological warfare leads to isolation, depression, drug use, and suicide is prevalent.

But Jesus came to set the captives free.

How It Works

Iran Alive Ministries’ largest ministry, Shebekah 7, streams 24/7 television out of our studio located right outside of Dallas, Texas. Bringing the words of Dr. Hormoz Shariat as well as other Bible-based teachings in Farsi, we are reaching millions of people every day through satellite television.

4:12 Training School trains hundreds of new believers and ministry leaders in Iran to continue to disciple and grow the church. The call center allows Muslims in Iran struggling with depression and oppression and looking for hope to find it through God and the power of prayer.

The Bible and a Christian community are needed resources for a new believer. Iran Alive Ministries provides resources and opportunities, both digitally and in-person, through underground church networks. Donors also support the smuggling and distribution of Bibles in Iran.

Help the Gospel Reach Iranians and
Farsi-Speakers Throughout the Middle East

$7 funds 1 minute of 24/7 satellite broadcast in Iran.
$105 funds 15 minutes of 24/7 satellite broadcast in Iran.
$420 funds 1 hour of 24/7 satellite broadcast in Iran.
$10,080 funds 1 day of 24/7 satellite broadcast in Iran.