It Could Only Be A Miracle

It Could Only Be A Miracle

Several years ago, Melina was working in the tourism industry and pursuing a college degree in the same field. She would often meet Christians during tours, and she was attracted to Jesus because of their kindness and happiness. But because she was young, she didn’t take the Christians (or Jesus) very seriously.

But then, a sudden illness changed Melina’s whole life. Here’s how it went:

“I was diagnosed with MS. My condition was getting worse every day, and the doctor said they don’t know why the disease was affecting all my organs and spreading.

At that time, I was not in a good mental condition. Despair and fear took over, as if I had no way to escape. At one point, I was in a coma for 20 days because of the pain. Every part of my body was failing.

One night, I was dreaming. I saw myself lying in bed. Then a man stretched His hand towards me and said, “Take my hand, my child. I can help you.” I don’t know what happened at that moment, but I put my hand in His. When I woke up, there were no signs of that disease in my body! It had been eradicated. I became alive and healthy.

When the doctors saw my improvement, they couldn’t believe it. Getting rid of this disease was impossible, they said—it could only be a miracle!

I still didn’t know who that man was in my dream, but I was so excited that I called and told my aunt the story. She started crying. She told me that the man in my dream was Jesus. She also met Him in a dream—and he healed her too!

I suddenly became very happy. I couldn’t believe that the person whom I loved in my heart all this time and wanted to know not only came to meet me but also healed me. So, I made a decision to give Him my whole heart.

One day, I told some colleagues the story of meeting Christ and getting healed. I realized then that they were also Christians, and they introduced me to one of the counselors at Church 7.

During the conversation with this dear sister, my heart was touched and I prayed for repentance and salvation. I gave my heart to Christ and have been connected with Church 7 ever since.

It was as if a new person was born in me. My heart was full of joy, forgiveness, and peace. I found an intimate relationship with God. I talk to Him and thank Him for entering my heart and healing my body and my soul.

Thanks and glory to His name!”