Chaos & protests in Iran have kicked open the doors for the Gospel.

People in Iran are suffering. Millions are looking for answers. Join us and share the hope of Christ in this historic moment.

Millions are Turning to Our Christian Media as a Movement of God is Impacting Iran

As Iran fights for freedom, our ministry is on the ground and in homes—sharing the hope of Christ.

Many former Muslims are turning from the Islamic government and looking for a change. Hurting people in Iran are hungry for Biblical media to be equipped and empowered.

Shabakeh 7, our satellite TV channel in Iran, is broadcasting 24/7 to share the Gospel, train believers, and fuel a discipleship-making movement in Iran.

Prayers for unity in the Christian community are being answered as we see leaders in the faith rise up.

We believe God is using media to help fuel a movement.

Would you pray and consider giving in this timely and transformational opportunity in Iran?

Your Gift Makes an Eternal Impact in Iran

Your Gift Will:

  • Provide 24/7 Christian TV programming to 6 million+ daily viewers in Iran
  • Fund the production of 40 videos for discipleship and leadership training
  • Support our call center where Iranians call to receive prayer and compassion

Jesus is the answer. Now is the time.


Your generosity will bring hope in suffering and comfort in the chaos.

Give today and deliver the Gospel to millions more in Iran.

Your Gift Delivers Hope

$7 funds 1 minute of 24/7 satellite broadcast in Iran.
$105 funds 15 minutes of 24/7 satellite broadcast in Iran.
$420 funds 1 hour of 24/7 satellite broadcast in Iran.
$10,080 funds 1 day of 24/7 satellite broadcast in Iran.