Providing Muslims the Answer Islam Cannot Offer

Providing Muslims the Answer Islam Cannot Offer

Atefe grew up in a Muslim family, and instead of finding peace in Islam, she carried loads of guilt and shame because her religion left her feeling she could never be good enough. Admittedly short-fused and hot-tempered at the time, Atefe said the slightest disagreement could set off an angry outburst.

Atefe knew she needed emotional support. She knew she needed to talk with someone trustworthy. But she had no idea where to find that help.

On one of her anger-filled days, Atefe experienced a sudden desire to read the Bible. She had heard about the Bible and was curious about what it contained. Finding a Bible in Iran is difficult because it is unsafe to keep one in a home. So, Atefe began searching Christian sites on the internet. She messaged a few with questions. As she waited for responses, a “small voice or a sense” directed her to search the satellite channels on her television.

Atefe came across a Christian channel where a preacher was speaking. For the first few minutes, she wanted to change the channel. But something inside her told her to continue watching. She began to enjoy what she watched and heard.

Afterward, her desire to read the Bible grew stronger.

She made a deal with Jesus: If You are real, send me a Bible.

One day, a close friend gave Atefe a Bible as a gift. Atefe began reading, and despite some skepticism about what she read, she told herself, “I’ve found my way, and I believe in Jesus.”

Atefe noticed her outlook on life improved. The hopelessness and discouragement that had shadowed her disappeared. She no longer battled depression, confusion, and the feeling of being lost. Her life was more joyful, but she recognized that she still needed to resolve her lingering anger issue. She determined to find the root cause of the anger.

That’s when Atefe sent a message to Iran Alive and asked for help. We connected her with pastors in her area who, first, showed that they loved and cared for Atefe. Then, they led her in the prayer of salvation. Atefe repented of her sins and declared Jesus as her Lord and Savior.

“Now, my anger problem is under the submission of the Holy Spirit!” Atefe told us. “Today, I feel happy, free, and in perfect peace. I want to be what God wants us to be.”