A Family’s Healing Creates a Longing for Scripture

Susan’s family had suffered enormously. Her husband, a truck driver, spent time in jail after accidentally killing someone in a wreck. After his release, he became lost in drug addiction, depression, and darkness. Their daughter experienced depression, sought medical help, and became addicted to prescription drugs. She attempted suicide several times. The stress and financial […]

Satellite Broadcasts Lead to Stories of Miracles

Satellite television broadcasts are the core of Iran Alive Ministries. The Iranian government regulates and monitors internet activity, but Iranians can safely watch satellite channels in the privacy of their homes. Most Iranians have access to satellite dishes, and many look to non-government- sponsored channels for trustworthy information. Our programming is essentially going over the […]

Through the Strong Faith of One Woman

Parvin has raised four children. Two of her sons were prone to aggressive and even violent behavior. One son was often depressed and talked of wishing he was dead. Parvin was terrified and discouraged as a mother because she had to be careful with every word she spoke and every action she took around her […]

Providing Community Where Churches are Not Allowed

Raha is one of our online church family members. The 56-year-old grandmother of four accepted Jesus as Savior through our programming. In our broadcasts, she says, “I found my place.” Raha grew up in a devout Muslim family. Her mother read to Raha and her siblings about the prophets from the Quran. Stories about Jesus […]

Taking Scripture to Those Thirsting to Know Jesus

Nasrin is 75, and she has been a Christian for nine years now. She recalls being taught in school how Jesus is one of the five most special and select prophets, but nothing more. She also remembers her mother telling Nasrin and her siblings “with such a delicacy and elegance” the story of Jesus being […]

The Impact of Our Viewers Spreading the Gospel

Mahsa is 26. The early part of her story is familiar: She grew up in a devoutly Muslim family and was a practicing Muslim herself. But as a teenager, she began asking questions that caused her to doubt Islam. To Mahsa, Islam portrayed God as wanting us to fear Him. She felt shame and guilt […]

What Would You Do in a Prison Cell with ISIS Members

Ali and Dari are longtime Christians and viewers of our broadcasts who are evangelists at heart. In 2015, they had to leave Iran for their security and settled in neighboring Turkey, where they promptly continued spreading the Good News of salvation. When several Muslims sued Ali and Dari for “insulting the sanctities of Islam” through […]

The Light of Truth Exposes Islam’s Teachings

Gandom, who is 27, was born paralyzed in both arms and one leg. She grew up in a deeply devout Muslim family, including eight uncles trained in Islamic seminaries. Because of her disability, Gandom sought to know God at a young age. But the God she sensed comforting her in her loneliness was different than […]

The Real God Who Drives Away Fear

Bahar is one of our viewers who came to Christ through our Channel 7, or Shabakeh 7 as it’s known in Iran. Before her eternity changed, Bahar was afraid of God and followed Sharia’s rules and regulations to avoid being sent to hell. The more Bahar read the Quran, the more she noted contradictions in […]

Building a Far-Reaching Network – Together

Rojan spent years in misery before coming into contact with two members of our network through a substance abuse program. Now, with her life transformed by God, she is proclaiming the Gospel in nearby slums. Rojan, who is 43, was born into a family of addicts. Her childhood memories are dominated by images of her […]

Equipping Iranians to Minister to Iranians

Afra, who is 31, described her life before Christ as confused and aimless. She prayed, fasted, and did her best to follow Islam’s commands perfectly, but she felt empty. She looked for God through her religious duties but saw no sign of Him. Her life was consumed by addictions to alcohol and cigarettes and her […]

Providing Escape from a Life of Fear

Najva contacted us recently from Bosnia, where she now lives. She was pregnant when she wrote us. “The story of my life,” she began, “is the story of a girl who grew up with fears, got married with fears, and was worried about having a child who was going to enter this cruel and fear-filled […]

I Was Raped – Then I Found Jesus

Sara grew up in a home where her father was addicted to drugs. He napped often and tended to spend his days wandering around aimlessly. As a result, he struggled to pay for the house in which his family lived. Sometimes, he resorted to stealing to keep the house. Because of the father’s lifestyle, those […]