Taking Scripture to Those Thirsting to Know Jesus

Taking Scripture to Those Thirsting to Know Jesus

Nasrin is 75, and she has been a Christian for nine years now. She recalls being taught in school how Jesus is one of the five most special and select prophets, but nothing more. She also remembers her mother telling Nasrin and her siblings “with such a delicacy and elegance” the story of Jesus being born to a virgin named Mary.

As Nasrin became an adult, she grew disillusioned with the restricting, cumbersome rules of Islam. With those stories of Jesus still in her mind, she was drawn toward the God she knew created the universe in order and with beauty. For years, she wrestled with those contrasting approaches to religion.

At 66, Nasrin fulfilled the Muslim religious duty of the Hajj pilgrimage to Mecca. But in her spirit, she didn’t feel that the God to whom the Hajj called her to worship was the same God she felt a longing to connect with.

Back home, Nasrin turned on Iran Alive Ministries’ channel on satellite television. She listened with intrigue as a speaker declared that Jesus is God. She prayed, “Show me Your light if You are true.” Nasrin fell asleep earlier than usual that night. In a dream, she heard a knock at her door. She opened her eyes and saw a bright light.

“It was the light I had asked for that day,” she said.

Nasrin did not tell anyone about her dream, but she began watching more of our programming. She wanted to learn more about Jesus and what the Bible said about the early Christians who were persecuted for their beliefs. She was afraid to go to a library and ask for a Bible, so she prayed that God would somehow provide one for her.

She was visiting her daughter one day and asked for help finding a Bible. The daughter knew where to get one, and Nasrin couldn’t wait to start reading.

As Nasrin read Scripture, she sensed the Holy Spirit speaking to her and drawing her closer to God. Then during one of our broadcasts, she said the prayer of salvation. From that moment, she has had a constant thirst to know Jesus more and more.

“I am 75 years old, and I have seen Jesus working in my life many times,” she told us. “During these nine years of peace, I have preached the peace of Christianity to

those around me with love and passion, and several of my family have also believed in Christ. He is alive and full of love!”