Through the Strong Faith of One Woman

Through the Strong Faith of One Woman

Parvin has raised four children. Two of her sons were prone to aggressive and even violent behavior. One son was often depressed and talked of wishing he was dead. Parvin was terrified and discouraged as a mother because she had to be careful with every word she spoke and every action she took around her sons.

Parvin’s journey to faith began with a neighbor who gave her a book that talked about Jesus and the Bible. Reading that God was a “God of love” made her curious to learn more. One night, she was flipping through satellite channels when she came across the Iran Alive Ministry channel. Dr. Hormoz Shariat was speaking about this Jesus of whom Parvin had become curious, and she was drawn to the power of the Gospel message.

Parvin gave her heart to Jesus Christ that night.

That was eight years ago. In the years since, Parvin says her family has received many blessings from God. The Holy Spirit has brought peace into their home.

One of her daughters lives in Canada. Parvin kept her daughter updated on how Christ was transforming their family and home. Her daughter called one night while Parvin was watching an Iran Alive broadcast. Parvin placed the phone next to the TV so her daughter could hear the speaker praying. The speaker prayed, “I command your throat cancer to stop.”

Parvin quickly pulled the phone back and started to apologize to her daughter.

But Parvin heard crying. Her daughter revealed that she had been battling throat cancer for the past year and had not wanted to tell anyone.

The daughter later scheduled surgery. Doctors offered her little hope and warned she might not survive the operation. Her family wanted to travel from Iran and, they expected, share their final goodbyes. But they could not obtain a visa.

From halfway around the world, Parvin prayed vigilantly for her daughter.

During the surgery, Parvin sensed Jesus saying, “Healing her.” The daughter not only survived but now is completely healed of cancer!