Bring a Discipleship
Movement to Iran

Your gift will translate Biblical teachings and new technology to multiply discipleship in Iran.

Your Gift Will:

  • Give Christians in Iran a Bible app in their heart language of Farsi.
  • Help facilitate group studies for those looking to create a local Christian community.
  • Train local believers in how to spread the gospel and lead others to Christ.

Not Your Normal Bible App

The Waha App is a powerful tool that has been built out in many languages – but hasn’t yet been translated into Farsi.

Within the app there are dozens of lessons to bring a user through the foundations of the Bible as well as give them readings that explain questions like “Who is Jesus?” and “What does Baptism mean?,” giving Iranians the knowledge they need to build their faith and to disciple the lost.

Mobilize believers. Multiply disciple-making. Transform Iran.

The Gospel Changes Everything

There is an incredible amount of oppression for a Christian in Iran. In a Muslim-ran country in the Middle East, the Church has to stay hidden, with secret meet-ups and Bible studies. It is difficult to build disciples and there is a long waitlist to be partnered up with a mentor.

This is where the Waha app comes in. Waha is built specifically to build disciples and mobilize the believers within the region. Better yet, the app is encrypted to protect the user in security-conscious areas.

The Church in Iran is growing at a rapid pace — and this is an effort to accelerate that growth even more.

A Word from Lily and Emily with Iran Alive Ministries

Waha Impact Stories from Other Countries

“This is something that we can begin using immediately with our locals and I would love to know how we can speed along starting the translation process in [our language].”

— Laura, missionary

“I just got done testing and reviewing the Waha app. I love it. I think it will be a wonderful blessing and a very useful tool, which I look forward to using! Thank you for all of your work on this!”

— Hassan, local disciple maker

Your Investment Impacts Eternity

$35 Sponsors the discipleship of 1 of the 1,800+ people waiting.
$100 Funds a Bible lesson or story on the app to be translated into Farsi.
$500 Supports the translation of 3 Bible lessons or stories into Farsi and small group of 9 waiting disciples.