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Plastic Fantastic with TPE Sex Dolls

Plastic Fantastic with TPE Sex Dolls

Nov 28, 2018

The idea of a sex doll was first conceived in the 1600s when Dutch sailors sewed together some old clothes and used them as accessories for masturbation. They later sold them to the Japanese who ultimately became innovators in the realism and robotics of the dolls we see today.

You might find yourself asking why sex dolls are so popular. Well, you can have sex whenever, wherever and however you want. You can pick a hole, she can´t ever really say no and you don´t need to worry about STDs!  Of course, it can also help men to overcome pornography addictions or intimacy issues, and can be an ideal opportunity for men to improve performance, stamina and technique.

Increasing popularity, and with silicone being so expensive, manufacturers started exploring alternative means of producing affordable sex dolls. Initially, they explored vinyl, latex and fabric, but when the Asians began experimenting with Thermoplastic Elastomer (TPE), they really thought they had found a gold mine.

Basic, soft and much cheaper than silicone, TPE blends rubber with plastic to create a doll with a bit more stretch and flexibility for a cheaper price (they can actually be stretched up to five times their original size!!). The elasticity of the material means it is easy to mould and advances in technology have also allowed manufacturers to bring a great deal of realism to each individual doll.

Although silicone brings with it a life-like feel, a good TPE sex doll can also have that soft skin touch. Moreover, the latter has a unique squishy feel that silicone dolls are usually missing. Odourless and hypoallergenic, TPE materials can even be recycled for the climate-conscious buyer.

Although significantly cheaper to produce than silicone toys, TPE sex dolls are fantastic value for money and you won´t find yourself compromising on quality either. In fact, they don´t have that sticky feel found in silicone dolls, nor do they limit the kind of lube that can be used (i.e., silicone dolls can only be used with water-based lubricants).

Able to absorb shock and slip resistant, the TPE sex doll have the capacity to retain warmth and add to the realism that many users crave. However, they struggle If exposed to too much heat so if you are looking to have a hot bath with your doll, TPE probably isn´t the way to go. Furthermore, the material is porous making it more sensitive to stains and even harder to clean. In fact, moisture from the orifices that are left over time might even start to mould.

Ultimately, your decision should acknowledge how you want the doll to look, feel and cost. Should you decide that TPE is the material you so desire, you also need to be aware that different manufacturers have a slightly different recipe, thus producing slightly different results. There are a lot of important factors to consider when shopping for sex dolls, and you should take the time to educate yourself before you buy.