Satellite Broadcasts Lead to Stories of Miracles

Satellite Broadcasts Lead to Stories of Miracles

Satellite television broadcasts are the core of Iran Alive Ministries. The Iranian government regulates and monitors internet activity, but Iranians can safely watch satellite channels in the privacy of their homes.

Most Iranians have access to satellite dishes, and many look to non-government- sponsored channels for trustworthy information. Our programming is essentially going over the heads of the mullahs to share the Gospel 24/7.

Through our broadcasts, we receive numerous reports of miracles occurring among Muslims who accept Jesus Christ as their Savior. A common story we hear is of Jesus appearing to Muslims in their dreams, and they either recognize Him then or later. Here is one example from a man whose eternity changed through our channel.

Afshin, who is in his late forties, became a Christian last year. His story goes back to when he was six years old.

Afshin developed a tooth infection, and his parents had to take him to a different city for treatment. At the hotel, a Christian woman handed a Bible and a cross to Afshin’s mother and said, “This cross—do not take it away from your son. Your son will become an engineer and will have sons and daughters.” After the family returned home, Afshin’s mother placed the Bible and cross in a secure location.

Afshin grew up and became an oil and gas engineer and a father.

In 2020, he suffered severe injuries in a work accident. In addition to a back injury, both legs were crushed. Afshin became ill. Even though his wife took good care of him, Afshin felt weak. He also battled feelings of uselessness because of his inability to work during difficult economic conditions.

Afshin recalled, “I was thinking that not only was I not being helpful, but I also was an extra load.”

His mother visited one day and brought the cross the Christian woman had handed her forty years earlier.

“My mother, despite being a Muslim,” Afshin said, “asked for my healing from Jesus Christ.”

Afshin had forgotten about the cross. When his mother handed it to him, he said, “Thank you, God. You were with me as a child, and thank you for hearing my voice now.”

The cross inspired Afshin to see if he could locate that old Bible his mother had tucked away. As he searched, an Iran Alive broadcast was playing on the TV. Afshin contacted us through the program and requested prayer for his faith and his physical needs.

A member of our team reached out to Afshin, and a local pastor followed up with him. Afshin’s knowledge of Jesus grew through his talks with the pastor.

In one conversation, Afshin told the pastor of his plan to smuggle his son out of Iran.

“Do not rush,” the pastor advised him. “It is not the time.”

That night, Afshin fell asleep while listening to a hymn. He dreamed he was in a park talking with a smuggler. A park ranger was present, and the ranger called the police. The smuggler was arrested, and Afshin complained to the park ranger about his plan for his son being thwarted.

The park ranger looked Afshin in the eyes and told him, “My son, you had a good night’s sleep.”

“Who are you?” Afshin asked.

Afshin said the man glowed as he replied, “I have been with you since you were six years old. Now, I have sent my ambassador to you.”

Afshin understood the pastor to be that ambassador.

“Who are you?” Afshin asked again.

The park ranger extended both hands, palms up. Afshin looked down to see a nail hole in each hand.

The ranger told Afshin, “In the name of the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit, accept me so that you and your children can be saved.”

Afshin bent over to kiss the man’s hands, but he disappeared.

Afshin woke up with tears in his eyes. The hymns he had fallen asleep to still played. Afshin rose to his feet.

“Even though my legs were paralyzed, I started dancing,” Afshin said.

Afshin has since undergone successful surgery on his legs.

And when the “park ranger” disappeared during Afshin’s dream, He did not leave Afshin alone. The pastor who befriended Afshin is helping Afshin grow in his newfound faith.

“Not only is she my pastor,” Afshin said, “but God has given me a sister I never had.”